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9 steps to clean a refrigerator

Refrigerator for a long time, not only the smell, will breed bacteria, bacteria exist in nature is very broad, and not because the fridge temperature must be cold, refrigerator is a relatively closed environment, once into the refrigerator, bacteria is hard to out on his own, so the refrigerator on a regular basis do health is very important.
1/> cleaning refrigerator 9 steps. clean refrigerator shells every day, with a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe the refrigerator case and handle every day.
2. cut off the power supply before cleaning tank, take out the food in the refrigerator freezer.
3. on a soft cloth dampened with water or tableware detergent, Scrub gently, wipe away your detergent and then dipped in water.
4. removing the accessories inside the box, washing with water or detergent.
5. clean refrigerator, "switch", "light" and "thermostat" and other facilities, please put the dishcloth or sponge dry.
6. after I finished wall clean, use a soft cloth dipped in glycerol (glycerine) clean the inner wall of the refrigerator again, next time wipe is easier.
7. cleans with the alcohol-soaked cloth to clean the sealing strip. If you do not have alcohol, with 1:1 vinegar and water to clean the sealing strip, disinfection effect is very good.
8. with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush clean ventilation grille on the back of the refrigerator, do not use a damp cloth to prevent rust.
9. cleaning is complete, plug in the power supply, check the temperature controller is set to the correct position.

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