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Refrigerator storage knowledge of meat

Meat including pork, beef, mutton and processed products. On the market of fresh meat and frozen meat in two, whether it is fresh or frozen meat, used to store meat into the refrigerator must be of good quality: meat should be fresh, meat is elastic; meat should be as hard as ice, fat white, if it is thawed, not too hard, just not suitable for long-term storage and then into the refrigerator.
If you plan to buy meat consumed in a few days, you can refrigerate refrigerated indoor temperature lower part prepared for long-term storage, the freezer into the refrigerator.
for meat, you can make an entire block of small pieces of meat into the right amount in advance, than within cover food with a lid or a double (two) in plastic freezer bags. This will not only serve, but needed a few packs, without affecting the others, but also to improve the speed of freezing of meat to ensure meat is good.
in order to maintain the original freshness and taste of meat, extending the storage period must be frozen. In frozen process in the, meat food within formed of ice is small, its organization cell within liquid and cell outside liquid and the cell between of Crystal, not flow out; some refrigerator user, frozen of method wrong, makes meat food formed big of ice, damage food of membrane, caused cell rupture, organization nutrient, and fresh degrees in thaw Hou with water loss, makes food became loose flavor big reduction. Correct way to freeze, first set the thermostat knob to the coldest, the compressor keeps frozen, after about 30 minutes, then blast typically required temperature control knob placed on the stalls, so that we can guarantee food freshness and flavor of the original.
after the frozen meat, is best cooked the day before by the freezer out and placed in cold storage usage fee (6--8 ℃) slowly thawed meat cells and intercellular juice gradually dissolved and permeability of ice crystals within cells, restoration of meat, cooking it tastes indistinguishable from fresh meat. Some people anxious, put frozen meat in cooking or boiling water in a pot, in order to quickly thaw. Baht did not know this cell freeze a meal of gravy and meat fibers instantly dissolved into a liquid, stream out of the tissue, which lose a lot of nutrients, and cooked meat is not tender, old and boring.
now has a new double-door refrigerators, in the upper part of the freezer, a new 0--3 c "ice-temperature storage room" at this temperature, to store meat frozen storage reasons, it's better than the usual freezing can maintain the maximum freshness and nutritional value of the meat, but also for food processing.
this method is suitable for the storage of fresh meat, but equally applicable to fresh fish, shrimp, legs and sausage and other food storage shelf life can be up to seven days or so.

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