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Air conditioning in the summer crisis why cause a fire

With the advent of air-conditioning season, air conditioning also began to increase dramatically. According to understand, for air conditioning products for, most common of security using problem is "fire", in in recent years the big media on air conditioning explosion fire, event frequently reported, many side of friends are will asked, how to avoid such things of occurred?
today, author on to everyone analysis Xia air conditioning why will fire, if encountered air conditioning fire yihou, we should how for processing.
air conditioners cause fires, reason:
1. air conditioner instantly powered up after a power failure, when the compressor internal pressure is high, difficulty in starting the motor, resulting in high current circuit caused fire.
2. electric heating type air conditioner heat suddenly shut down or power outage, and cut off the heating element and the fan motor or the fan fails, the accumulation of waste heat from electric heating element, so that the surrounding temperature rise and cause a fire.
3. capacitor heat, damp, increased leakage current, insulation performance and cause a breakdown to occur, then ignition pad fire of combustible materials.
4. axial or centrifugal fan is stuck due to mechanical failure, fan motor temperature rises, the short circuit fire cause overheating.
5. when installing the air conditioner directly access no safety device power supply circuit.
prevention and treatment of the most important reasons for air conditioners cause fires, following measures can be taken
1. install air conditioner is the best direction to the North, followed by the East. Air conditioners do not install at the top of the door, because the door will accelerate the flow of hot air. Air conditioner can be installed on the door so that air pressure in the room can resist outdoor hot air flow.
2. air conditioner installation height, direction, location, must be conducive to air circulation and heat dissipation, and keeping a distance with curtains and other combustible materials. Air conditioner runs, too close together with other articles should be avoided.
3. a sudden power failure power supply plug should be unplugged, power on wait a few minutes and then power on. Air conditioners must be a dedicated power outlet and line, cannot be combined with lights or other appliances the power cord. Conductor ampacity, and meter capacity enough plugs to close contact with the electrical components.
4. air conditioner to install one fuse protectors to prevent fires caused by the capacitor breakdown caused by rising temperatures. Fuse capacity required to appropriate, must not be replaced with wire, copper wire.
5. air conditioners should be regularly maintained, regular cleaning condenser, evaporator, filters, heat exchangers, erasing dust, prevent the radiator plug to avoid fire hazards.

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