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TEL: 0755-8268509
Service commitment
A, slogans--customer satisfaction 100%   zero complaints.
B, concept-attitude is everything   details determine success or failure.
(1) as a result of technical problems, from door-to-door, boot, and no cost.
(2), the good faith for this, after the first test and then offer repairs.
(3), enthusiasm, patience, and answer their questions.
(4), technical excellence, always keep maintenance costs to a minimum.
(5) on persons with disabilities, unemployed workers fees discount rate not lower than 5%.
(6) maintenance staff will be open the warranty and one, warranty at least two to three months.
(7) the company has total return visit service attitude and skills of our staff, but also enhance the company's management.
(8) comments and suggestions on-line direct dial 0755-8268509 or leave us a message, we will give you our sincere gratitude, every step, always in good faith.

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